Thursday, August 18, 2016

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Here is how we did it and keep doing it

Its about long term healthy weight loss

Here is the program we use

12 years ago we were introduced to Shaklee products.  We have consistently used their products everyday.  Initially we both lost weight but when Shaklee 180 came out (then called CINCH) we lost additional weight and have kept it off ever since.

Rose lost a total of 32lbs and over 24" off her body
Chris lost a total of 30lbs and over 12" off his body

We both have since been able to maintain this weight loss over the years.  If  you are ready to give Shaklee 180 a try we have two offers for you.
  1. Save 10% when you order Vita lea, B-Complex and any of our proteins. Offer good through July 14th, 2016
  2. We currently have 2 bottles of Vita Lea 120ct, 2 bottles of B-Complex 120ct, and 4 Chocolate Life Shakes.  While they last we are selling them for the following prices.
  • Normally the Vita Lea is $23.05 but we are selling for $19.85
  • Normally the B-Complex is $21.70 but we are selling for $18.70
  • Normally the Life Shakes are $40.80 but we are selling for $35.00
If you are ready to get serious about feeling more energized and being at a healthier weight give these products a try.

Have great end to your week!
Chris and Rose

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

How do I have so much energy?

How do I have so much energy?

Chris and Rose hiking Stack Rock Trail, Boise, ID

The answer is pretty simple and is one that I've been committed to for over 12 years.  Everyday, twice a day, at a minimum I take Shaklee's multi vitamin (Vita Lea), Shaklee's B-Complex, and Shaklee's Energizing Protein.  These products have everything my body needs to create new healthy and energized cells.

Feeling slumpy and fatigued on a fairly regular basis?  I encourage you to use these 3 products consistently for a month and see what they do for you.  If after 30 days you don't see a difference I'll refund your money.

To help you try this we are offering you the following special:
Purchase any Vita Lea, B - Complex, and any of our protein shakes and 
receive 10% off those products.

This offer is good through July 14th, 2016
These orders must be placed through us.  
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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Why I'm giving up on hitting my goal weight

Why I'm giving up on hitting my goal weight

Fourth of July Fireworks

(Disclaimer: Help and a special is offered below after this satire)

There is a major problem in trying to hit my goal weight.  It seems just when I get traction and make head way on getting to my goal weight I'm faced with another challenge on the calendar.  These challenges seem to be built in at right times so I don't succeed.  There are only a couple gaps that offer a  glimmer of hope.  Lets look at these challenges I'm facing and see if you face the exact same ones!
  • January - Super Bowl Party - OVER EAT
  • February - Presidents Day (long ski weekend), Valentines dinner out - OVER EAT
  • March - St. Patrick Day party, Easter - OVER EAT
  • April - Spring Break - OVER EAT
  • May - Memorial Day Weekend - OVER EAT
  • June -  
  • July - 4th of July - OVER EAT
  • August -
  • September - Labor Day - OVER EAT
  • October - Halloween - OVER EAT
  • November - Thanksgiving - OVER EAT
  • December - Christmas - OVER EAT
You see there are only a couple months to get on top of things.  The way our calendar is set up we are doomed for failure UNLESS we have some sort of plan.  I'd like to share my simple plan.  My plan involves 3 things.
  1. Control over my portions (and control over what the portions is)
  2. Exercise - 30+ minutes 4 times a week
  3. Supplementation - filling the nutritional gaps that leave me depleted and looking for more food
If you have yet to be serious about hitting your goal weight or need to return to taking it serious you can follow my simple plan. And to help you with it we'd like to offer you the following special via our Shaklee Nutrition business:

Purchase any Vita Lea, B - Complex, and any of our protein shakes and receive 10% off those products.

What is Shaklee?
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This offer is good through July 14th, 2016
These orders must be placed through us.  You can email, text or Facebook PM us your order.

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas break was a special time for family

Christmas break was a special time for family!

Over Christmas break we got to get out into the mountain snow on our xc skis and our snowshoes.  We also spent a few days up in the mountains north of Idaho City in this little yurt/cabin.  No electricity running water. It was a great place for the family to spend time together!

From our cabin/yurt we were able to access mountain snowshoe trails

When not being pulled in the sled Ella was out on her snowshoes.  She was great!

When she did get tired or we had to move a little faster she hopped in the sled and we pulled her along

The yurt/cabin provide a great place to get warm and be together

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Kreslins are trying to stay active outside during winter!

Kreslins Family Update

I realize that we used to do more of this so here is a little view into our lives lately.  Its been fun in the sun for the Kreslins out in Idaho.  The snow has arrived in the higher elevations and we are putting our xc skies, downhill skis, and snowshoes to work.  Just minutes (see pics below) from our house we can explore ridges that open up to some great vistas!  Ella, our 3 year old, gets the benefit of being pulled in the sled most of the way:-)  We like to remain active outside all year long.  Our next adventure.....heading up to a yurt in the mountains north of Idaho City, ID for a few days.

Monday, October 12, 2015

I haven't been sick since Jan 1, 2014

By writing this I run the risk of two things.

  1. Getting sick.  You know the old saying "knock on wood"?  As I share this I'm "knocking on wood"  because I'm not saying that I won't get a cold or the flu again.
  2. Being the brunt of jokes.  Being sick on New Year's Day had nothing to do with what I did New Year's Eve:-)

How have I gone a year and 8 months with a cold or flu?  I'm not sure.  But, I do know a few things. The following have been super consistent in my life.

  1. Exercise - I try and exercise everyday with the exception of Sundays (family day).  My exercise hasn't been crazy but I try to get either a minimum 1/2 hour run in or an hour minimum bike ride.
  2. Supplements - I have been super consistent with taking my Shaklee supplements (Shaklee is the brand I take).  My supplement taking is much like my exercise, except I take them on Sunday:-)  I'm not taking huge amounts of supplements but I'm consistent.  Before I tell you what I've been consistently taking you need to know the following:
    1. I'm not claiming supplements are magic.
    2. I'm not claiming you (or I) won't get sick or have the flu again
    3. Not all supplements are created equal.  Shaklee's reputation for quality, testing, and research is unparalleled.
Here are the supplements I consistently take:
  1. Vita-Lea (Shaklee's Multivitamin).  I can honestly say (unscientifically) that I began taking double the recommended about I have not been sick.have not been sick.  Vita-Lea is a MUST for me.
  2. B-Complex. It is great for metabolizing food (getting energy out of food).
  3. Shaklee Alfalfa.  Not sure this has anything to do with not getting sick.  But it has everything do to with not having allergies anymore.  Alfafla is a natural antihistamine.  Shaklee has pure sources and uses only leaves picked at the prime time of the day when they contain the highest levels of whatever ever makes it so good.
  4. Energizing Soy Protein.  Vitamins, minerals, and protein are needed to make new cells.  Healthy regeneration of cells is part of having a stronger immune system.
Do I really believe that the vitamins I take make a difference? Yes.
Do I really believe that Shaklee vitamins would make a difference for you? One way to find out.

Contact Rose and I to hear more about it
or visit our Shaklee website